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About the McDonald Family

Our Story

What Motivates Us

At McDoodles of Texas, located in the Austin, Texas area, we often get asked, "Why do you do this? Why do you breed dogs?" It's a seemingly simple question, but the answer goes beyond mere words.

Our passion for animals has been a lifelong affair. From a young age, we were known for bringing home strays. As we settled into our first house, we began fostering rescues, a journey filled with emotional farewells at adoption events and the arrival of new furry companions. We were, in essence, the poster family for "foster fails," unable to say goodbye to some of our fosters.

We raised our children around dogs and instilled in them a love for animals, both big and small. When our oldest daughter faced a serious health condition that could benefit from a service dog's support, we embarked on the daunting task of finding one. It quickly became apparent that locating a suitable service dog for "invisible disabilities" was no easy feat. The application process was lengthy, the wait was years, and the costs were exorbitant. After months of research and applying for assistance, we realized we needed to explore other options.

Our quest led us to search for a breed well-suited to become a working service dog, a task in itself that required careful consideration. We acquired two Mini Australian Shepherds with the hope that one would prove to be a worthy service dog candidate. Thanks to the guidance of Rebecca Clayton of Kindred Spirit Ranch LLC, we navigated the training process. Although one dog excelled at home, she wasn't cut out for public access. With Rebecca's help, Nugget completed her training just in time to accompany Chloe to her high school graduation.

Nugget wasn't just a service dog to Chloe; she became a cherished companion, bringing joy and filling parts of her heart and soul that she didn't even know needed mending.

Our journey into breeding, under the mentorship of a close friend, aimed to fill a void we had experienced – finding a well-adjusted, well-socialized companion for families seeking more from their furry addition. We prioritize the voice of our puppies in their placement, working closely with families to match their needs with those of the puppy. We encourage our puppies to be courageous and problem-solvers through age-appropriate activities, preparing them for their forever homes.

With each litter, we identify puppies suitable to become service dogs or emotional support animals (ESAs). We are committed to giving back to the community and helping those who struggle to find the canine companions that will improve their lives. To achieve this, we have partnered with Rebecca and her nonprofit, Liberty for All, Service Dogs. We've already donated several dogs that have successfully transitioned into their new roles as service dogs, and we will continue to identify and donate potential candidates in future litters.

Dogs have an innate ability to heal our hearts and souls, whether they serve as companions or working dogs. We do what we do because we've personally witnessed how a dog can heal and support families. When our families share their stories of how much their puppy has healed their hearts and filled a void they didn't even know existed, it reminds us that our mission is more than raising pets or service dogs – it's about providing each puppy with loving care and an age-appropriate curriculum to ensure they have a voice in their placement.

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