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Cooper Aussiedoodle black and white with tie.jpeg

The Aussiedoodle just wants to play!  Well-bred, this rogue capitalizes on the intelligence and trainability of Aussies and poodles.  This minimal shedding breed wants a backyard, or an active family to play with, and would love to know the rules of the game. We use the breed standard for Aussies to determine size.  Our minis are around 13" and range from 25-35 pounds.

Why get an Aussiedoodle?


Minimal Shedding

Our Aussiedoodles have fluffy low maintenance minimal shedding coats. This type of coat is often described as hypoallergenic and can be a great option for someone with allergies. They need daily grooming to maintain the fluffy coat we all love so much.



Both Poodles and Australian Shepherds are working dogs, this makes the Aussiedoodles one too.  What does this mean?  Your dog is smart, highly training, and needs a job.  Setting boundaries, expectations, and providing mental stimulation for this smart breed is more important than the daily walk.  Without the mental stimulation (games, puzzles, training, etc.) this breed can get bored and into michief.



Aussiedoodles are loyal and true.  They are generally dog and people friendly, but know who "their" people.  They love to be with their people even if it is sleeping quietly at your feet while you work from home.



Aussiedoodles love to work and play.  They make great traveling companions who love to.  We start our pups off early taking rides in the car to get them used to this active on the go lifestyle they love so much.

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