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Helpful Information

This information is to help you navigate our process both before and after you get your puppy. These are our practices and opinions based on our research.  We are not veterinarians or medical professional.  Please follow up with your vet with any concerns or question may have.

When do I get to select my puppy?

We do temperment evaluations starting at 6 weeks. After this time, puppies are picked in the order in which deposits were made. We will reach out to each family on the list in the order deposits are received to schedule their puppy visit to make a selection selection.

When can I pick up my puppy?

Puppies are available to go to their new homes after they have turned 8 weeks old.  Pick up times are scheduled in advance starting the day they turn 8 weeks through that weekend.

Are all puppies the same price?

No. Puppies are priced based on breed, size, generation and color. You will find prices for each our pups posted with their information.  All puppies are sold as PET only under a spay and neuter contract.

How do I pay for my puppy?

We accept secure payments through Good Dog for the $300 non-refundable deposit. For the remaining balance, we accept payments through Good Dog or cash upon pick up.  We also offer payment plans with the final payment being made at pick up.

What does my puppy come with?

Each puppy comes with a go home kit.  The kit contains medical/vaccination records, microchip registration, a packet with helpful information, 30 days FREE Trupanion insurance, samples of treats, and some toys. To help with the transition home we include a snuggle puppy to help and a blanket with mom's scent on it.

When do you recommend spay/neuter be done?

New studies have shown, especially in the working and large dog breeds, that is is more beneficial to wait until the puppy is over 12 months of age.  Spaying before that prevents the dog from getting the hormones they need for proper bone development.  Spay/Neuter prior to 12 months will render our warranty null and void as the risk of hip dysplasia and other conditions goes up. We recommend waiting until 18-24 months if you can to give your pup the best opportunity for a healthy body.

What is MDR1 and how will it affect our puppy?

MDR1 is a genetic marker that can be found in more than 70% of the shepherd and working dog breeds.  It causes a sensitivity to certain drugs, especially in the Australian Shepherd breeds. The reaction to the drugs can cause vomiting, nausea, and in severe cases, parvo like symptoms. 

Australian Shepherds, even ones who do not carry the gene can be sensitive.  We at McDoodles of Texas believe in caution and treat all of our Aussies and Aussiedoodles as affected.  We never give our Aussies Ivermectin it is one of the hardest on their system.

What should I use for heartworm and flea/tick preventative?

Always check with your vet first.  But, we do not recommend an all in one oral.  They have been known to cause seizures in dogs.  The use of an all in one or oral prescription oral flea treatment will void your warranty.

We recommend a topical flea treatment.  We have also started using a homeopathic option called Flea Treat that can be ordered online. For Heartworm preventative ask your vet for an option that DOES NOT contain Ivermectin and has show safe with Aussies.

We also add food grade Diatomaceous Earth as a homeopathic parasite control to their food.  We use 1/2c per 10 lbs food. 

Please reach out if should you have a question that wasn’t included or addressed in the information provided.

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