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The Goldendoodle is a loyal friend.  A relaxed companion equally comfortable playing fetch, attending a street festival or binge watching the Office.  Be it a guilty pleasure, a healthy activity or a bit of a spree, this minimal shedding dog is by your side, ride or die.  We intentionally breed for a lower maintenance coat on our Goldendoodles.  Or standards range in size 60-70 pounds when full grown.

Why get a Goldendoodle?


Minimal Shedding

Our Goldendoodles have fluffy low maintenance minimal shedding coats. This type of coat is often described as hypoallergenic and can be a great option for someone with allergies. They need daily grooming to maintain the fluffy coat we all love so much.



Goldendoodles are people pleasers.  They are quick to learn and with consistent training can do amazing things. 


Gentle & Loving

Goldendoodles are gentle and loving.  They love to snuggle with people of all sizes and sometimes forget what size they are.  They are goofy and fun loving.



This sweet breed is just as happy being home with their loved ones as goind on adventures.

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