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McDoodles at Work - Service Dogs

At McDoodles of Texas, giving back is a primary part of our mission as sustainable breeders.  Currently, we partner with Liberty for All, Service Dogs, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Having one of our own breeding Aussies trained as a service dog to serve our daughter made us aware of the many ways dogs can help support their handlers and inspired us to donate two of our Aussiedoodle pups, who had excellent temperaments, to be trained for service work. The non-profits that we work with and support have stringent screening processes in place to ensure the right dog gets matched with the right handler.  They provide training for the dog and the handlers, continuing to support the working pairs even after the dog graduates from training.


 We are so proud of the work Nugget does for our daughter, the work Cooper is doing in California, and the progress Hermione is making.  They are true ambassadors for McDoodles of Texas, and Liberty for All, Service Dogs.  We are committed to supporting this organization and others like it when we have dogs that fit their needs.  We encourage you to consider donating to support their important work. You can make donations through a link on their homepage.

Nugget the Service Dog


Nugget, a Mini Australian Shepherd, is a trained medic alert service dog. She is one of our retired moms and attends Oklahoma State University with our daughter, who is an Animal Science Major. 


Nugget is the foundation girl for our program and part of our "Why?"  When our daughter was diagnosed with a serious health condition we started our search for a service dog to help manage her condition.  We looked for several years and struggled to find a good fit, then we found Nugget.  Our program is built on the foundation and idea of helping raise and prepare puppies to help others who need the support of a service dog, ESA,  or therapy dog. 


We are grateful to Rebecca at Kindred Spirit Ranch, for her expertise and hard work preparing Nugget for her service work.

Coor Aussiedoodle Service Dog
Hermione Aussiedoodle Service Dog


Hermione is Cooper's sister an F1 Aussiedoodle.  This breed is so smart and highly trainable, when they receive the proper foundation as a puppy, they are well suited for service dog work.  Hermione was donated to Liberty for All Service Dogs


She was placed with a yong handler and has excelled in her task training.  Her skills and behavior were so remarkable that she was invited to Disneyland to represent as a service dog. 

Hermione has made a huge difference in not only her handlers quality of life, but also for the entire family.  We love getting updates on this sweet family, who loved Hermione so much they came to us to get a second dog for the entire family.

More Special Doods

Meet the latest puppies to join the Service Dog Training programs in our area. We are so excited for these incredible puppies and the people they will help. Some of these puppies puppies were donated and some were hand selected first picks for individuals who plan to train their own service dog.  If you are looking for a Special Dood to help you, reach out today to see if we have a match.

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