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Aussiedoodle Puppy Sisters hugging

Recommended Puppy Supplies

We know our puppies receive the best care before they leave us, because we have done the work to ensure it.  We want to prepare you to provide the best care for your new furry family member as well, so here’s our recommended puppy supply list. The links below will take you to Amazon and other websites to make your purchases.

Dog Crate


We recommend the double door crate with the divider.  This will allow you to buy one crate and expand the size as your puppy grows.  You will need a 32" crate for our Mini Aussiedoodles.

40 inch pen for dogs


This is a great option to give your puppy a safe place to play while they are potty training.  Make sure you get one with the round knobs on top of the posts and not the hooks for the safety of your pup.  These are great and can be used inside and outside.  If you don't have a fence in your yard, you can use one of these to set up a safe potty/play area for your puppy.  Inside, you can set it up with the crate, bed, and potty box for times you are away from home longer.

Puppy GoHere Litter Box

Potty Box

All of our pups are started on litter boxes as part of the potty training.  Taking them outside to potty is the best and most natural transition.  But if you don't have a yard or have to be gone more than a couple of hours this is a great option for you.  Fill the box with paper or pine pellets.  Clean as needed

Wyze Camera

Wyze Camera

Sunny is a cute ball of playfulness. They have been introduced to small children and household pets already, and have even begun potty training. We are a bit sad to say goodbye to Sunny, but can’t wait to see which family they will join.

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