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Aussiedoodle Puppy Sisters hugging

Recommended Puppy Supplies

We know our puppies receive the best care before they leave us, because we have done the work to ensure it.  We want to prepare you to provide the best care for your new furry family member as well, so here’s our recommended puppy supply list. The links below will take you to Amazon and other websites to make your purchases. As an Amazon associate, I earn a % from qualifying purchases.

Nutrition & Treats

  • Equipment

    • Slow Feeder Or Metal Bowl, stainless steel or metal bowls are easier to sanitize and clean.  Dog dishes should be washed after every use to cut down on the buildup of bacteria that can cause bad breath and digestive issues.

    • Slopper Stopper Water Bowl doodles love to play in the water, this will cut down on the mess

  • Food & Supplements - DO Not change your dog’s food for the 1st 9 weeks.  This will allow their digestive systems to develop, reduce the risk of food sensitivities and diarrhea. 

    • Pawtree -  This is what we feed all of our puppies.  With the EZ ship plan, you can extend your health guarantee and earn free products.  Allow 5-10 days for your first order to arrive. Use Code INTRO4U20 for 20% off first order.

    • Firm Up Powder - Pumpkin and Fiber to help your pup stay regular. You can add this as a full time topper/supplement or keep on hand as needed instead of canned pumpkin.

    • Nuvet Labs - The key to supporting the lifelong health of my dogs is high quality nutrition. In order to ensure our dogs get the BEST nutrition possible, we've recently partnered NuVet Labs! BONUS: All of my puppy families have access to order straight from the manufacturer, just like I do - click the link! This keeps costs down and maintains the integrity of every batch. Since 1997 they have had 0 batch recalls!

  • Training Treats  - NO TREATS for the first 9 weeks. This will allow your puppies digestive system to develop properly and reduce the chance of diarrhea.  Instead use a portion of their kibble for training purposes.  If you need a high value training treat, we recommend the PawTree Raw Food below.  Use all treats sparingly as they add extra calories and fat to your dog’s diet. After 9 weeks you can use one of these options.

Enrichment & Toys

Enrichment -15 minutes of mental stimulation is the equivalent to 30 minutes of walking. To prevent strain on your growing puppies joints and bones, we recommend incorporating training and mental stimulation into their activity each day rather than taking them for walks.  Here are some great enrichment alternatives that you can even use at feeding time.

Safety Equipment

  • Essentials

  • Car Safety

    • Seat Belt & Harness Combo - this is the one we use.  The only time we use a harness is in the car for transport.  We do not recommend using a harness for walking or training. This tether works best in a back seat that goes all the way across.

    • Seat Tether for Bucket Seats - If your pup is not a fan of the crate in the car, this is a great option.  You can add a blanket or dog bed on the seat.  This will give them a little freedom while keeping them safe.  Remember to always use a harness.

    • Booster Seat - We love this for our smaller to medium sized breeds.  It is easy to clean and use with a harness.  The dogs love being able to see out the window and feel like a passenger in the car. 

    • Car Seat Cover - This is a great option especially for our larger breeds to keep your back seat clean and your dog contained. It has the added benefit that you can still use a dog seat harness.

  • Around Town

    • QUMY Dog Shoes - it is HOT in Texas.  Check the temperature of the sidewalk before going out.  This is a great alternative.  After trying a lot of shoes, this brand seemed to fit the best and was an economical choice.

    • Sling - It is important to get your puppy out to socialize without putting their paws on the floor.  Slings are a great option. We have one from Petsmart we love.  It is lightweight and holds pets up to 25 pounds. You can find a number of them on Amazon, just check the weight limit

    • Stroller - This is a great option to get your pup on the go before it is vaccinated or when it is too hot for the their paws on the cement

  • At Home

    • Wyze - Baby Monitor or Camera - Sometimes it helps to be able to see your new fur baby when you are away from home. You can keep track of your baby from your phone and even talk to them.

    • Enclosures

      • Dog Crate - safety first, we fully believe in crate training. Puppies are notorious for getting into everything.  Dogs are den creatures and by creating a safe place for your puppy. Our standard breeds use a 36” crate, our mini Aussiedoodles use a 30-32” and our Cavapoos use a 17”. By practicing and using a crate at home, you will reduce your pet's stress level when they go to the groomers, vet, or boarding where they will most likely be in a crate for short periods of time.

      • Indoor/Outdoor Dog Pen 8 Panels 40'' Height RV Dog Fence - This is a great outdoor version if you want a safe area outside or don’t have a fence.  We do not recommend the folding metal ones as they sometimes tip over when your pets jump against them and collapse.  Make sure you get one that you can secure and that the poles have the round tops and not the hooks.

    • Beds

  • At The Pool/Lake

  • Vetericyn All Animal Wound and Infection Spray - Doggy first aid - great to have on hand for scrapes and cuts. Also available at the Tractor Supply Store.

  • Flea & Tick Control - we use a combination of the following 3 things

    • Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth - We love this blend from a small farm in Oklahoma.  You can also order regular food grade diatamceous earth on amazon.  MUST SAY FOOD GRADE.  We add 1/2c for each 10 pounds of food.  We mix it into the food bin so it is already coating the food.​

    • Flea Treats - these are great for skin, coats, and make a natural barrier against fleas hitching a ride on your dog

    • Senergy (selamectin) - topical heartworm preventative, dewormer, and treats and controls fleas, ticks, and mites.  This is what our vet uses on his dogs.  It does NOT contain Ivermectin and is a safer alternative for our Aussies. 


Groomig Secton

Let's Talk About Grooming

It's never too early to talk about grooming. Our Aussiedoodles tend to have low maintenance, minimal shedding coats. That said, like all Doodles, they need daily brushing and grooming that should start from the day you bring your puppy home. This can be as simple as just a few minutes while you are sitting together several times a day to longer sessions as they grow.

We start all of our pups on grooming introducing them to nail trims every 3-4 days, baths, the blow dryer and brushing. Grooming is not something pups are born to love and it takes practice to get them comfortable. We recommend making a routine out of it, possibly as part of your evening bedtime routine.

Here is a link one of our favorite YouTube videos with tips and suggestions for grooming your Doodle. We love Joanna and her real life videos and tips. She's definitely worth subscribing to, we certainly do. You can find some of our favorite grooming supplies on our Amazon Lists.

  • Brushing

    • Soft Slicker Pet Grooming Brush - We brush and groom several times a week, and more right before they leave. It is a work in progress and will take your continued patience at home to have a puppy that truly enjoys the grooming.  Once home you should be brushing for a few minutes everyday.  Start initially with this brush in addition to the comb.

    • Greyhound Comb BEAUTY SPARKLE – Medium Coarse/Fine - you will need a comb and brush each time you groom. The comb gets down to the undercoat where the mats form and the brush fluffs it up. There are a number of good options for cheaper ones on Amazon, but we LOVE the coating on these.  The glide through our dog's hair.

    • Dematting Rake - you will need this as their adult fur comes in

    • Round Tip Grooming Scissors - always use scissors with a rounded tip to make those grooming touch ups or trim around the sanitary areas, face, and paws.

  • Bath

    • Shampoo & Conditioner - make sure you get something that says puppy safe on it.

    • Detangler - makes it so much easier to brush out.  We love the smell too.

    • Blower or hair dryer - It is essential that you blow out your doodle after baths so their hair doesn’t get matted. We start with the hair dryer and work up to the blower.  They have been exposed, but it will take continued patience at home for them to be truly comfortable. (We recommend starting with a regular hair dryer at low heat, low speed at first.)

    • Pet Wand Shower Sprayer - love this! It works great on your dog and your kids.

  • Nails (several options, but you only need one)

    • Nail clippers - we trim nails every 3 days.  It works best if you wait until they are sleepy and calm.  A playful pup won’t sit still for anything. You can also use a lick mat to help distract them.

    • Dremel - is another option for nails, we use both on our puppies.

    • Blood Stopper - you use this when you trim their nails a little too short.  It might bleed a little.

  • Teeth Care - it is important to brush your dog's teeth daily for proper health

  • Ears - doodles often have a lot of hair in their ears and can need regular cleaning. As your puppy gets older the groomer will usually take care of this.

Potty & Cleaning Supplies

  • Potty Time (Lots of options for your puppy to alert you they need to go potty, pick the one that works for you.) - Teaching your puppy to go outside is best.  Here are some great tools that can help.

  • Optional Potty Items -  if you don’t have a safe place to take your puppy potty before they get all of their shots or if they are home alone in a pen for more than 4 hours.

    • Potty Box - this is what we use, ideally you want to train your puppy to go outside, but that isn’t always possible before they are fully vaccinated so this is a good option

    • Paper Pellets - to use in the potty box, or you can use pine pellets from tractor supply

    • Washable Potty Pads - less likely to be chewed up, great to put down in the play area

  • FURemover Pet Hair Remover Carpet Rake - Best Broom Ever for Dog Hair!  It grabs dust and dirt from places you didn’t even know you had them.  This is hands down my favorite item on the list.

  • O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop, Bucket Floor Cleaning System (Red, not the blue one) - my floors have never been cleaner, it helps to buy extra mop heads so you have one while the dirty one is washing

  • Lysol Laundry Sanitizing Liquid - add to the rinse cycle with towels and items you have used to clean up after your dog with, will prevent your clothes from smelling like a dog.

  • PawTree 2 Urine Eliminator & Oxy Shot - these are the best cleaners we have found and use them in our home, especially on carpet areas.

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