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McDoodles at Work

At McDoodles of Texas, giving back is a primary part of our mission as sustainable breeders.  Currently, we partner with Liberty for All, Service Dogs.  Having one of our own breeding Aussies trained as a service dog to serve our daughter made us aware of the many ways dogs can serve us and inspired us to donate two of our Aussiedoodle pups who had excellent temperaments to become service dogs themselves.  Cooper is currently serving in California, having passed through his training, and Hermione is currently with Liberty for All, learning the tasking that will help her future owner.  We are so proud of the work Nugget does for our daughter, the work Cooper is doing in California, and the progress Hermione is making.  They are true ambassadors for McDoodles of Texas, and Liberty for All, Service Dogs.  We encourage you to consider donating to support their important work.

Nugget the Service Dog


Nugget is a trained medic alert service dog.  She attends Oklahoma State University with our daughter and is an Aussie momma for McDoodles of Texas.  We are grateful to Rebecca at Kindred Spirit Ranch, for her expertise and hard work preparing Nugget for her service work.

Coor Aussiedoodle Service Dog


Cooper is a special McDoodles of Texas Aussiedoodle pup who we donated to Liberty for All Service dogs.  He spent some time getting early training at Liberty for All, after his puppy training at home, then spent time with his new owner, to get to know her, and is now getting some tasking training with Liberty for All to perfect his service skills.

Hermione Aussiedoodle Service Dog


Hermione is another special Aussiedoodle pup that we donated from McDoodles of Texas to Liberty for All Service Dogs.  She excelled in her task training and has been placed as a service dog.  Her skills and behavior were so remarkable that she was invited to Disneyland to represent as a service dog.

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